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Once you’ve decided to replace your furniture, you’ll have an uphill battle on your hands. Ultimately, you’ll have to get rid of the old furniture before you can replace it. Suffice to say, this will be harder than most people could imagine. You can count on us. Our junk removal experts can pick up the furniture and take it to a nearby donation or recycling center.

Furniture Removal Made Easy

Working with us ensures that it is going to be easy for you. We strive to provide our clients with safe, convenient furniture removal services. Before you can replace that old piece of furniture, you’ll have to get rid of it. We offer a junk removal service without contact. Therefore, you can place the item outside and we’ll come to pick it up. We’re doing this to ensure that our clients are protected from start to finish. Call and tell us about your furniture. We’ll come to get it before you know it.

Throwing A Couch In The Dumpster

It is never a good idea to throw a couch in the dumpster. While it seems like a good solution, most garbage pickup services can’t handle it. Before it can be removed from your property, it must be broken down into smaller pieces.

Can I Give Away Furniture On The Curb?

You may want to give the furniture away. If so, it might be a good idea to put the item on the curb with a sign letting people know it is free. Ultimately, this might be possible, but it might not be. It depends on the rules and regulations in your area. It is important to read the rules in your area before placing the furniture on the curb. Otherwise, you might get fined.

Breaking Down A Couch

Before disposing of a couch, it is a good idea to break it down. Follow the steps below.

  • Start by grabbing and removing the cushions.
  • You’ll need to place the sofa on its back so you can begin removing the legs.
  • You can remove the upholstery using a butter knife, screwdriver, or staple remove.
  • Start breaking down the wood frame.

Call us so we can remove the couch’s leftovers for you.

Who Can Haul Away Your Old Furniture?

When you decide you want the furniture removed, call the right agency.

  • Your city may offer free trash pick-up for bulky items. Call to find out.
  • Someone might be interested in buying the furniture or taking it for free.
  • If you donate the item, the charity might come to get it from your property.
  • You can always haul the furniture to the dump on your own.
  • Call our office so our junk removal experts can take it off your hands.

What Should I Do With Old Furniture When Moving Offices?

When moving offices, you’re going to need to do something with your old furniture. First, you need to find out what you have and what you want to keep. Once you’ve created a list, you can guarantee that you won’t forget anything you want. You can try selling some of the items you don’t want so you can pay for the new furniture. You can also give it away to friends or coworkers. If you need help hauling the furniture to your new office, call us. We’ll help you during each phase of the process.

Recycling Wood Furniture

Remember that you can recycle certain wood furniture. However, it depends on whether the wood is treated. If it is, you likely can’t recycle it. Otherwise, you can. We can help you haul the wood furniture to a nearby recycling facility so call our office. We can handle beds, dressers, bookcases, futons, sofas, couches, and more.

As you are preparing your home or office for a new makeover, you are probably weighing the options of disposing of the old furniture. Maybe you have chosen to take on the task yourself or hire a professional removal company. Well, with an extensive amount of experience, we can tell you that our company has ran into every possible scenario that there is, when it comes to removing furniture from a home or office. Based on our experience, we can honestly tell you that if you value your time and money, hiring Kansas City Furniture Removal to perform the task will by far be your best option.

Keeping You And Your Family Safe

You would be surprised at the number of people each year that wind up in the emergency room with injuries related to lifting heavy items. Our company is staffed with trained professionals that know how to safely remove large pieces of furniture and office equipment. Instead of spending a week laid up at home due to injuries, you can look forward to a smooth and safe removal of your furniture, when you hire us.

Expert Knowledge

You should know that not all furniture is created equal. For instance, office furniture is designed to meet higher standards and specifications than residential furniture. This means that the removal is going to be more complex and sophisticated than it looks. You are probably going to have to breakdown the furniture, before you can even get it out of the door. If you are not familiar the mechanics of the furniture you are going to end up spending hours just trying to take the furniture apart.

Here at Kansas City Furniture Removal, we are are familiar with the inner and outer working of this type of furniture. Out removal teams will disable each item and load it into the trucks to be transported to the landfill.

Proven Convenience

We strive to provide superior and timely service, because we want our clients to have confidence in our removal team. When our team arrives to your home, they will begin to identify each item to be removed from the premises. Usable items are donated to local charities and the rest is distributed between the recycling center and landfill. Our goal is to provide the residents with the most environmental disposal solution possible. If we can prevent items from going to the landfill and into the home of a low-income family, we have done our job efficiently and effectively.

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