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Used Tire Disposal & Recycling

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Trailers, vehicles, RVs, fifth-wheel campers, bicycles, tricycles, wheelbarrows, scooters, and remote-control cars have one thing in common. All tires have an extended service life because they range between 3 and 5 years, depending on several factors like conditions, maintenance, and use.

When it’s time to replace worn-out tires, the consumers must make an option because most dumps and landfills do not accept rubber tires, so a second option must be in place before the replacement. The good thing is that automotive service providers offer their customers the possibility of disposal for a nominal fee. In addition to the disposal charge, most states have a Scrap Tire Disposal Tax, ranging between $0.25 to $25.

How To Avoid Old Tire Disposal Fee?

It is indeed possible to avoid the Scrap Tire Disposal Fee. However, it would help if you were prepared to keep your old tires after the replacement. It’s unfortunate, but most consumers do not possess the necessary equipment or the skills to swap out old tires. Instead, they choose auto service providers who specialize in tire installation. If you want to request one or a set of two or fire new tires, you will be asked about the method of disposal you would prefer to use. At this moment, you can decide to pay the old rubber tire disposal cost. If you are not willing to shell out the extra cash, you can keep the previously used tires.

There are various ways to save money on a disposal fee for the tires you have discarded. In the case of your particular situation, you might be able to follow these steps:

  • Planters – Cut around the edge of the tire to give it a jagged appearance. Dig a tiny hole, the same diameter as the old tire. Paint the tire with paint to make it look more appealing by using vibrant colors such as pink, yellow, orange or red, white or purple. Pour the filling of dirt, then add the flowering plants, and water to finish the job.
  • Garden Retainer Wall – Are you looking for a unique retainer wall for your garden? If yes, look no further than the tires from your past. With various sizes and shapes, your tires can make a unique garden retaining wall. To give it a unique look, paint each tire a different color. Choose a combination of colors, such as green, blue, and teal. turquoise, and lime
  • Mulch – Convert your old tires into rubber mulch. This is because the US Environmental Protection Agency “EPA” encourages Americans to recycle their old tires. It is the perfect way to recycle your old rubber bicycle, ATV, truck, and cargo trailer tries. You utilize a heavy-duty snip to break the rubber up into chunks or strips. You can also tint the mulch you’ve made from recycled rubber green, red, or navy blue before placing it on your trees, flowers, and shrubs.
  • Outdoor Table – Convert your old automotive tires into an outdoor table. Instead of painting your old tires, you can wrap them in a strong weatherproof twine. Paint the outside of the old tire with a waterproof adhesive. Starting at the top of the tire, cover the tire with twine until reaching the bottom. This is the most distinctive outdoor table you’ll ever see within your community.
  • Outdoor Mirror – Convert your bicycle’s tires to a mirror for your garden. Begin by giving the old tire a new coat of paint the way you prefer. Apply a thick coat of adhesive to the edges of the mirror and the interior rim of the tire. Push the mirror with force against the tire’s rim and ensure it is centered. Install a wall hook on the back, top of the tire to hang on a wall.

Our Old Tire Removal

If you are unsure how to dispose of your old tires, we’re here to assist you. Our scrap tire removal service is reasonably priced and available to all residents. In addition, we offer consultations at no cost per request. So don’t hesitate when you submit your request for consultation as we have all the equipment to take away those old tires.

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