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Mattress Disposal & Recycling

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Over time, your mattress is going to get worn out. Once this happens, it’ll no longer provide comfort. It is a good idea to get rid of the old mattress so you can replace it with a new one. Remember that our junk removal experts can help. Call our office and we’ll instruct our junk removal experts to get rid of the mattress for you.

Local Mattress Disposal Services

If you’re looking for a company that offers mattress removals, look no further than us. We’re always happy to help locals. Besides removing mattresses, we can deal with other furniture too. If you’re trying to get rid of chairs, tables, mattresses, or couches, call our office. We’ll get rid of it in a hurry.

Donating Your Mattress

You can always try donating your mattress. Remember that someone could use it. If the mattress is in good condition, get rid of it. Give it to a friend, family member, coworker, or colleague. A local charity can likely find someone who can use it. When you donate the item, you’re going to do a good deed.

What About Mattresses With Bedbugs?

Your city might have rules and regulations regarding mattresses with bedbugs. With this in mind, we might not be able to accept mattresses that have bedbugs. Clients dealing with bedbugs must let us know ahead of time. If we have to accept a bedbug-infested mattress, we’ll have to get a professional to treat the mattress. You can also try wrapping the mattress in plastic to contain the bedbugs. Otherwise, the bugs could spread to a neighbor’s place.

Recycling An Old Mattress

Besides taking the mattress to a landfill, you can also recycle it. Doing so is a good idea since you’ll help the environment and someone else. Mattresses can be recycled. Then, they’ll be used in numerous ways. You’ll need to find a recycling center willing to take your mattress though. You can’t leave it on the curb and expect your trashman to get it.

Protecting The Environment By Recycling Your Mattress

It is wise to recycle your mattress. Doing so offers several benefits. For instance, it prevents the mattress from sitting in the landfill for many years. Protect the environment by letting us recycle your mattress for you.

When To Purchase A New Mattress

Make sure you purchase a new mattress right away. Otherwise, your mattress will start hurting. Use the advice below so you know when you need a new mattress.

  • Your current mattress is more than 8 years old.
  • When you move around on the mattress, it makes loud noises.
  • You sink to the middle of the mattress when lying on it.
  • Your back is starting to hurt every morning.
  • You’re not getting enough sleep.
  • Your mattress sags.
  • You’ve been experiencing congestion due to dust.

Stop sleeping on an old mattress. Buy a new one and let us remove your old one.

Old Mattresses & Allergies

An older mattress can cause allergy problems. After a few years, your old mattress is going to be full of dust and dust mites. Once this happens, you’re going to be breathing in those dangerous materials. It is pertinent to get rid of the mattress right away. Doing so can help you breathe easier at night. Our junk removal experts can remove water beds, air beds, futons, foam mattresses, box springs, and other mattresses.

Mattress Removal Services In Kansas City

Our company has been offering junk removal services in Kansas City for many years. We have developed a deep relationship with many Kansas City residents, recycling centers, and donation facilities. We work hard to help our clients and believe we can provide a better service than our competitors. When you need assistance getting rid of junk, you can count on us.

We offer quick, convenient estimated over the phone and you can book an appointment online or by calling our local office. We strive to make things as convenient for the consumer as possible. In addition to this, we’re constantly working to provide our clients with discounts and coupons so they can save money.

Despite our low costs, we’ll work harder than our competitors. When choosing us, you can get rid of all types of items including mattresses. When you need to dispose of a mattress, you need to call us!

Mattress Removal & Disposal

Our mattress removal services are comprehensive. This means that we’re going to take the mattress from your home and dispose of it. We’ll do it all for you. We’ll take the mattress out of your bedroom, load it onto our truck, and haul it away. We take mattresses and box springs. If you need to get rid of both, you can count on us to get the job done right. We’re your best choice because we offer quick, convenient mattress removal services.

Recycling Mattresses

You don’t want your problem to become a problem for someone else. With this in mind, you should do your best to recycle the mattress, You may be able to send it to a recycling center. Alternatively, you might be able to find a non-profit that could use the mattress. There are numerous possibilities and we feel it is important to prevent the mattress from entering the landfill. If you feel the same, you should pick us. We’ll do what we can to prevent the mattress from being sent to the overfilled landfills. Roughly 30% of the mattresses we deal with are recycled so the materials can be used to produce other products. As for the others, we do what we can to protect the environment.

Mattress Pick Up Services

Lifting a mattress can be heavy. When you have to deal with a mattress and box springs, you can guarantee that you’re going to have major issues on your hands. Wouldn’t you prefer to protect your back? If so, you should choose us. We’re trained to deal with heavy, bulky items. We’ll get rid of the mattress for you. This guarantees that you won’t injure yourself. We’ll do the heavy lifting for you.

Mattress Removal Services

Have you thought about upgrading to a new mattress? Doing so is wise since a new mattress will provide more support. However, you have to understand that this process is not going to be easy. Before you can replace the mattress, you’ll need to get rid of the old one. Our removal services simplify this problem and remove the responsibilities from your shoulders. Once you’ve scheduled an appointment, you can expect to hear from us 10 or 20 minutes before we arrive.

Mattress Disposal Done Right

Kansas City residents dispose of mattresses and box springs often. Nevertheless, it isn’t easy and most of these items go to landfills. You’ll likely want to take a different route because you care about protecting the environment. We would like to help. We dispose of countless mattresses and box springs every year. Approximately 30% of the mattresses we handle are recycled. Some are donated and we do what we can with the others. Call us so we can work hard for you!

Mattress Haul Away Services

Once you’ve bought a new mattress, it is time to get rid of the old one. Working alone can make this very difficult. Even if you have assistance from a friend, you might not have a truck or van. This will make it tough to get rid of the item in question. We have everything needed to get rid of the mattress quickly. We have enough workers and trucks to dispose of several mattresses simultaneously. With that being said, you should contact us whether you’re getting rid of one, two, or ten mattresses. We’re always ready to go.

If you have any other junk removal service please check out other services.

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