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Grinter Place

A house on the National Register of Historic Places called Grinter Place is called the Grinter Places located right above the Kansas River in the Muncie neighborhood of Kansas City, Kansas. The Grinter Place was constructed by Moses Grinter where he and his wife lived until his death in 1878 and his wife in 1905. Grinter’s wife’s name in Indian was Windagamen which mean “sweetness” and became one of about 25 Delaware women that became US citizen when the territory became a state.

A few distances from this place is the Delaware Crossing that allows a passageway from the old Indian trail that meets the water of the Kaw River. In 1831, Grinter was one of the earliest permanent white settlers within the area and the one who set up the Grinter Ferry on the Kansas River where the house still stands.

The ferry was used by the traders, freighters, and soldiers that travels between Fort Leavenworth and Fort Scott along the military road. Some residents would cross to this area when going to Santa Fe.




  • Guided Tours
  • Family Friendly

Address: 1420 S. 78th Street Kansas City, KS


Grinter’s Place got 4.0 stars out of 5.

Kghowlett from Kansas City, KS gave 5 stars stated that

“As a past President of the Grinter Place Friends I would encourage you to take the time to visit the Grinter House and enjoy the history of how it helped shape early Kansas History.”

43jayhawker77 who gave Grint’s Place 5 stars stated that

“Grinter House has a great history. It sets on the Kaw River. It is just enjoyable to walk thru the house & hear about the Grinter family. BUT, in the summer there is Apple Fest. They decorate for Christmas, etc. You walk out in the surrounding field & you can ‘feel the experience’. It truly is a wonderful place to take kids, so they can ‘see’ history.”

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