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West End Farm

West End Farm in Kansas City offers the opportunity to learn about horses and riding in a fun, friendly, low-key environment. West End is there to help riders of all ages and experiences achieve their personal riding goals and potential. That may mean learning to post the trot, it may mean winning show ribbons or anything in between. Whether you have a child whose horse-crazy, or you are an adult wanting to get back into riding, there’s a home for you at West End Farm.

In addition to lessons, they offer many other opportunities to help all of the students become well-rounded horse people and, more importantly, well-rounded people. These include horse shows, clinics, camps, barn & farm work, horse leasing, and horse ownership and boarding.

Their boarding program emphasizes the health, happiness, and well-being of the horses in their care. This includes daily turnout (weather permitting) on over 70 acres of lush pasture of the farm, daily stall cleaning, high-quality hay and grain, and a proactive approach to care.


At West End Farm, we offer a variety of lesson structures to suit all levels of riders. Whether this is your first time on a horse or you are preparing for year-end finals, West End Farm has the skills to help you succeed.

Introduction to Riding

Our introductory private lessons offer individualized attention to help the new rider establish the basics in order to prepare them for joining their appropriate lesson group. The first three introductory private lessons are billed at the group lesson rate.

Group Lessons 

Our group lessons typically consist of no more than four riders of comparable ability and last around 45 minutes. An affordable way for riders to continue their education with the support of their fellow barn mates. EZ Kansas City Junk Removal

Individual Lessons 

Private lessons offer individualized attention to help riders work on achieving specific goals. Some riders prefer to ride exclusively in private lessons, but many use them as a complement to their involvement in the group lesson program.

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