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Azura Amphitheater

Azura Amphitheater is an open-air performance venue located in Bonner Springs, Kansas, conveniently located near the Kansas Speedway and Legends Outlets. Since its inception in 1984 as Sandstone Amphitheater, the venue has provided fans with great experiences and treasured memories for over thirty years. It is the place in Kansas City to take in a great outdoor concert. Azura Amphitheater can host up to 18,000 people, including approximately 3,100 reserved seats and multiple open-air suites.

Azura Amphitheater has dramatically upgraded the fan experience at the venue over the past few years. While always a fan-friendly venue, many of the reserved seats closest to the stage were removed to provide an “up-front” general admission section designed to provide fans with a more personal artist experience. Additional improvements include an upgraded VIP club, new sound, and video systems, and improved buildings and plazas. The team at Azura Amphitheater remains committed to providing the best possible concert experience in the Midwest.


Things Allowed in the Venue

  • Blankets (only to be used in lawn area), subject to artist approval
  • One factory-sealed water bottle of up to 1 liter in volume per person
  • Non-aerosol sunscreen and bug spray EZ Kansas City Junk Removal
  • Non-professional cameras (no cameras with detachable lenses are allowed in)
  • Small purses, bags, and drawstring bags (no backpacks allowed)

Things That Are Not Allowed

  • No lawn chairs or outdoor furniture
  • No tarps or blankets larger than a beach towel
  • No outside food
  • No recording devices
  • No glass or metal containers
  • No liquor or drugs
  • No noisemakers or laser pointers
  • No weapons of any kind
  • No vehicles (except those required by the disabled)
  • No animals (except service animals)
  • No picnic baskets, lunch boxes, or coolers
  • No radios, tape and video recorders
  • No bbq grills
  • No umbrellas
  • No strollers and/or toys that create a disturbance
  • No inflatable furniture
  • No selfie sticks or GoPro cameras
  • No chain wallets
  • No hula hoops, poi, or flow toys

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